Gator Epoxy Solutions: Warranty Terms and Conditions. Updated 5-1-21

  1. The information contained here in represents the complete agreement for services between “The Customer” and Gator Epoxy Solutions. Any changes to the scope of work outlined in this agreement must be in writing by a written change order.
  2. Due to uncontrolled Color Tinting from each color batch, colors, textures, patterns, and shading may vary from job to job and throughout larger commercial projects. Color and texture samples used by Gator Epoxy are approximate only and may vary from the completed project.
  3. Warranty: All Full Chip Systems including Polyaspartic Full Chip, Granite Chrome and Metallic Systems have a 15 year warranty not to chip, peel or delaminate from beneath car tires only, also known as hot tire pick up.  The Partial Chip System has a 5 year warranty not to chip, peel or delaminate from beneath car tires only, also known as hot tire pick up.  Any damage to the coating that is caused by movement of the underlying substrate i.e. concrete, joint material or other such underlayment (such as concrete cracking, movement of concrete, and joints expanding), improper use (such as chemical spills, battery or brake fluid spills or extremely harsh use), will not be covered under this warranty. Additionally, some Tires will leave an amber colored tire tread mark impregnated into the top layer of urethanes and polyaspartics, this is not covered under any warranty. Any Defects caused by Osmotic Vapor Blistering, moisture raising from concrete causing blisters and or defects are not covered.
  4. All Repairs and or corrections will be for the defective area only unless deemed otherwise by Gator Epoxy.
  5. Due to the Natural Chemical Properties of Epoxy and Urethanes, any repairs and or corrections may not match the original work. Gator Epoxy in the advent of Warranty work, will not re-install a brand new flooring system to the entire floor due to surface colors and or chips not matching.
  6. The portion of concrete that extends outside the closed garage door called the “Apron”, will also fade from the intense Florida sun. This is normal wear and tear and is non-warrantable. No warranty will be performed If customer drives on floor earlier than specified, leaving imprinted tire marks.
  7. Gator Epoxy warranty extends to the original buyer on record only, or A contractors specified Owner or Tenant.
  8. Paver Sealing has a 2 year warranty against material defects and delaminating off paver bricks.
  9. All Life Time warranties do not transfer ownership, and cease to exist upon property sale or transfer.
  10. Surface Preparation: During Concrete surface preparation the use of Industrial Diamond Grinding, Hydro Cleaning and other such methods create residue dust or contamination. It is the responsibility of the customer to remove or cover sensitive items from contamination.
  11. Concrete Cracks: Every attempt will be made to patch and or correct cracks deeper than 3mm and wider then 2mm in the concrete slab, however, Gator Epoxy does not guarantee that these cracks will not reappear.
  12. By giving Gator Epoxy a credit card or credit card information, the customer is authorizing Gator Epoxy to process credit card payments for services performed.
  13. Customer agrees that additional charges may be added by Gator Epoxy in the event that something was unforeseen and that additional work needs to be performed to ensure proper installation. A written change order or correction to the estimate sheet will be presented and agreed upon before any additional work is performed.

Payment: Payment to be made on the last day of installation after the job is completed. If Gator Epoxy has not received payment in full, within 10 days after project completion, late fees and a prelien notice will be initiated.

Dry Times and Procedures After Install:

  1. After your new epoxy flooring system has been installed, Please allow 1 complete day after the install date before returning storage items back on Floor. This includes Garbage Cans, Boxes, Light Weight boxes and Tools. In colder weather below 60 degrees please wait 2 to 3 days before moving storage items back in.
  2. Automobiles can be parked in Garage after 5 full days of cure time after the completion date. When using Our Polyaspartic Fast Cure Top Coats Vehicles can be driven in garage in 36 hours after completion time. In colder months please wait 1 to 2 additional days for full cure.

Cleaning Instructions.

Epoxy Floors are like a glossy plastic sheet. These surfaces do best with Mild Cleaners and can be washed as often as desired. Please use cleaners such as:

  1. Windex
  2. Spray Fantastic
  3. Spray 409
  4. Simple Green or similar mild floor cleaner.
  5. Any type of Tile Cleaner.
  6. For really tough stains use Denatured Alcohol.


  1. Comet Cleanser
  2. Any type of cleaner with pumice or abrasive cleaners
  3. Murphy’s oil Soap. This leaves an oil film that is visible
  4. Sanding Disk
  5. Floor Scrubber with aggressive pads

Commercial Warranty

Our Standard Commercial warranty is for a term of 1 year and follows the same verbiage as stated above. Absolutely NO written, verbal, or implied warranty of any type shall be supplied for damage, blistering, peeling, or any such condition caused by, initiated by, or having anything in conjunction to concrete osmotic pressure, or silicates extruding from or out of concrete. These are again beyond our control and we offer no warranty for this situation.
Thank you for Choosing Gator Epoxy
We Appreciate your business and wish you many happy years with your new Epoxy Floor.

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