Coatings Color Charts

Gator Epoxy has put together an assortment of custom upscale and contemporary colors, metallics and chip selections. You can also visit the systems tab on the upper menu bar to see the composition and materials incorporated in the installation of each system. Call us with any questions at 561-617-0058.

*Due to massive supply-chain shortages in building materials (see Business Insider Link), the cost of epoxy flooring materials IS going up. Suppliers are charging us more, so we will be forced to raise our prices. Gator Epoxy had a large stock of materials, so we will maintain current pricing as long as we can, but will have to raise prices soon.

Polyaspartic Full Chip Color Blends

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wheaton color chip sample

Wheaton Color Chip Chart

coconut color chip sample

Coconut Color Chip Chart

coconut paver red color sample

Coconut Paver Red Color Chip Chart

carefree tan color sample

Carefree Tan Color Chip Chart

shoreline color chip sample

Shoreline Color Chip Chart

peru marble color chip sample

Peru Marble Color Chip Chart

coppershore color chip sample

Coppershore Color Chip Chart

verde granite color chip sample

Verde Granite Color Chip Chart

cabin fever color chip sample

Cabin Fever Color Chip Chart

graphite color chip sample

Graphite Color Chip Chart

gray owl color chip sample

Gray Owl Color Chip Chart

misty fog color chip sample

Misty Fog Color Chip Chart

rocky ridge color chip sample

Rocky Ridge Color Chip Chart

galaxy color chip sample

Galaxy Color Chip Chart

galaxy blue accent color chip sample

Galaxy Blue Accent Color Chip Chart

galaxy brick red color chip sample

Galaxy Brick Red Color Chip Chart

nightfall color chip sample

Nightfall Color Chip Chart

blue earth color chip sample

Blue Earth Color Chip Chart

smoke color chip sample

Smoke Color Chip Chart

dark smoke color chip sample

Dark Smoke Color Chip Chart

stonewash color chip sample

Stonewash Color Chip Chart

wombat color chip sample

Wombat Color Chip Chart

wombat 15 percent blue color chip sample

Wombat 15 Percent Blue Color Chip Chart

Chrome Full Chip Color Chart

Carefree Tan Chrome Color Sample

Carefree Tan Chrome Chip Chart

coconut chrome color chip sample

Coconut Chrome Color Chip Chart

wheaton chrome color sample

Wheaton Chrome Color Chip Chart

galaxy chrome color sample

Galaxy Chrome Color Chip Chart

Nightfall Chrome color chip sample

Nightfall Chrome Color Chip Chart

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