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Gator Epoxy Solutions is a specialist in ALL types of resin based polymer coatings for garage floors and commercial concrete applications.  Our commitment to excellence has spanned over 29 years as a permier licensed installer of premium urethanes, polyaspartic chip systems, urethane cement and epoxy resin coatings.  If quality workmanship, gorgeous results, durability, and a lifetime warranty are important to you, Then Gator Epoxy Solutions is for you!  Call Today, You'll be Amazed and Happy that you did! 

We Offer the following systems & removal service to beautify your Residential Garage Floor. 

Gator Floor Coating Systems.

Polyaspartic Full Chip Systems

Partial Chip Terrazzo Systems

Solid Color Urethane Coatings

Pearl Metallic Systems

Paint & Coating Removals

Gator Floor Coatings' Spactacular Polyaspartic Full Chip System is a 5 STAR Rated beautiful non slip protective garage floor coating that features a Life Time Warranty. Call today for A Free Over The Phone Quote.
Only Gator Epoxy Solutions includes an Osmotic Vapor Barrier to every residential installtion at no addional cost.  It's our commitment to provide the best residential garage floor installions possible.  Our installations include industrial diamond grinding for the concrete surface conditioning, "removal of existing coatings & paint is additinal" and all concrete crack patch work is included.  The Polyaspartic Full Chip System is a 1 or 2 day install and is our  strongest non slip and most durable garage floor coating there is!    

Gator Floor Coatings polyaspartic chip systems can be walked on in as little as 8 hours and auto's can be returned into the garage in 24 hours. 

The Owner with over 28 years in the business and Management of Gator Epoxy Solutions stands by thier commitment to quality, service and value to each and every household we serve.  Let our family here at Gator Epoxy Solutions serve your family with the most wonderful experiance you can expect while having the most gorgeous garage floor coatings installed.   

Why Choose Gator Epoxy Solutions?

  • Our Staff and Installers are trained right here at Gator Epoxy Solutions.  We have strict procedures that are followed on every single installation.  This guarantees that each job we complete is beautiful and done right.
  • We source our materials from Sika Corp, Tennant, APF, PIP, and other top tier manufactures of the countries best Industrial Polymer Resins.  We NEVER use low quality DIY garage floor epoxy paint. 
  • Our jobs utilize the best metarials on the market for not only wear and tear but clearity, gloss and resilience to UV damage from the sun.
  • The process we use to condition the concrete is called Industrial Diamond Grinding. We use 2000 lbs huge grinding machines that get the job done right.  Hepa shop vacs suck the particulate and automatically bags the concrete dust so the job is dust free.  We bring our own generator so we do not blow out your breakers.  Our surface preparation is TOPS! 
  • Included in every Residential Garage floor is the osmotic vapor barrier.  This is an industrial grade epoxy resin additive that bonds to the concrete. It promotes best adhesion, prevents water blistering and helps elininate "Hot Tire Pick up" or delamination from car tires.
  • Gator Epoxy Solutions is the only installer to use patented composite resin paste for all concrete crack repair.  This is a tried and proven composite material that is flexable, high strength, with incredible properties to repair concrete as needed.  We are a certified installer of this material. This composite polymer paste is the absolute best in the industry.
  • We Screen between layers of material to promote Maximum Adhesion so "Hot Tire Pick Up" does not occur, Guaranteed!
  • We specialize in removing old nasty coatings, paint, and epoxy off your concrete. This process ensures the new application will adhere with maximum adhesive strength for overall longevity of the new installation. 
  • Call Gator Epoxy Solutions with any questions, we are here to help!  561-617-0058

Please note that our minimum charge per job is for 300 sqft.  Most 1 car garages are 250 sqft. but must be charged at the 300 sqft size. minimum.  Removing paint and or coatings are charged at the accurate sqft. dimensions. Call today for A quick over thye phone quote.  We want to earn your Trust, and your Business.

Commercial Quality at Work

 Our Resin Based flooring systems are rock hard, glossy, and long lasting. We provide long commercial warrantees for our solid color, polyaspartic, quartz and urethane cement systems.  This warranty covers any type of chipping, peeling, or de-lamination that may occure. Most of our systems should in fact last  15 to 25 years.

Please be aware: Not all epoxy resin systems are created equal. Over the years we have received horror stories from people who have tried to DIY epoxy paint their own floors, hired painters or even non-licensed installers claiming and promising the world, at cheap low prices.  These people usually paid up front, only to realize after  the job was complete, that they got a cheap, hap hazard, horrible looking job.  All these people ended up paying twice including a removal fee.   Please don't fall into this trap, Call Gator Epoxy Solutions, the professionals first. Our 5 Star reviews tells it all!  

Our Mottos: "Do It Right The First Time" and "Go Cheap, Pay Twice!"

We are authorized installers for the following manufacturers  Arizona Polymer Flooring, Tennant Co. General Polymers, Sherwin Williams and National Polymers Inc.

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