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DURABLE & BEAUTIFUL Polyaspartic Full Chip System

SALE Now $5.89 sqft. This Sale Ends April 30th. Due to Rising Oil Prices and Materials Increases Prices are going up!  So call us and lock in your sale price now for your installation.  Prices will RISE due to uncertainty and material increases.

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Jupiter, Stuart, Miami and  S. Fort Lauderdale pricing is at $6.39 per sqft. We are the only Installer to include an Osmotic Vapor Barrier to ALL residential garage floors. We are the only Installer to hone chips before applying Protective top coat.

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Gator Epoxy Solutions is a licensed Concrete Coatings Specialist. We are not a franchise.  We are a family run business for over 25 years and treat every job as if it was our own! Our Garage Floor Coatings including Polyurea, Polyaspartic and Chemical Resilient Urethane systems.  These systems outperform the rigors of car tires, oil, dirt, and are incredibly easy to clean. We only use the highest quality Industrial Floor Coatings in our 2 day residential installs.  We specialize in removing peeling low-quality garage floor paint from DIY stores and replacing them with commercial-grade high performance resinous flooring systems.  Our Full Chip Polyurea/Polyaspartic system is a 2 day install with back to service in 24 hours.  They are beautiful, durable, long lasting, and our value is better than a lot of the other guys.  Our warranties also set us apart.  Surface prep is vital, and Gator Epoxy Solutions' Concrete surface prep is the best in the industry, utilizing industrial diamond grinding techniques to ensure maximum adhesion and durability. We provide excellent workmanship, fair pricing, and prompt, on-time service.  We strive to earn your trust and your business by providing industry-leading warranties and support for our systems.

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Garage Coating Systems & Epoxy Removal Services:

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Solid Color Coatings

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Partial Chip System

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Poly Urea - Polyaspartic Full Chip Systems

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Metallic Coatings

Coating Removals

Garage Floor Coating Specials:

epoxy floor installers for garages

We use resin-based high performance polyaspartics, chemical resilient urethanes, as well as fast cure polyaspartic polymers. These are commercial grade materials. Garage concrete is conditioned by Diamond Grinding the best process in the business and promotes maximum adhesion and longevity of your garage floor investment. From start to finish, we aim to install the most beautiful, high quality garage floor coatings possible. We are South Florida's leading polyaspartic flooring services provider.

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  •    Partial Chip System

  •    Polyurea - Polyaspartic Full Chip System. 

  •    Granite Chrome

  •    Pearl Metallic System

  •    Removal of Old Paint or Coatings

We install these Garage Floor Coating Systems:

  1. solid color flooring imagePremium Solid Color – A 2 layer system using resin based epoxy and Pigmented Gloss Urethane Top coat.  Classy and Perfect. 
  2. Light Sprinkle System – exactly the same as the solid color system with the addition of a light sprinkle of acrylic polymer chips. This system hides dirt & looks great.
  3. Partial Chip System- includes 40% to 50% coverage of chips/flakes over resin based primer with added Osmotic Barrier material to create the absolute best adhesion to concrete. The protective top layer NEW is A  High Performance Polyaspartic Hybrid Urethane.  Durable, beautiful, plus value!
  4. Polyurea-Polyaspartic Full Chip System – This is our  most durable high performance coating system for Residential Garage Floors. Installed in 2 days with only 36 hour cure time before full use of the garage.  This 100% coverage full chip system uses the highest quality resin based primer and Osmotic barrier for unsurpassed adhesion, without blistering and or delamination known as hot tire pick up.  This also has the advantage of a super fast curing polyurea-polyaspartic gloss top coat. If you want strength, durability, and a gorgeous garage floor this is the system of choice.
  5. Granite Chrome Chip System – similar to the polyaspartic Full Chip System, but includes an additional blend of reflective chips and full spectrum glitter that produce a wonderland glitter as you walk.  Its durable, gorgeous and rock hard tough! A company favorite.
  6. Metallic Pearl System – These concrete coatings are unique one-of-a-kind pieces of art. We have mastered the installation of this difficult system to create the ultimate blend of beauty and strength. Choose from 1 to 3 standard colors to create your own blend of modern living.

Included with every job is concrete surface preparation by heavy-duty industrial diamond grinders.  By far the best way to condition garage floor concrete for proper floor coating adhesion and longevity.  Company trucks carry generators used for power and hepa shop vacs to keep the environment and your home clean and dust free. All concrete crack repair included using the industries best composite flex paste.

All Systems carry a Life Time Warranty not to have "Hot Tire Pick Up" under automotive tires.  Please see warranty page for details.  We are here to make Garage Living Spaces Beautiful.  If you have any questions please just give us a call.  

On Sale NOW the Original Full Chip System

Exclusive to Gator Epoxy is our bullet proof  5 layer Full Chip System.  The difference is we use a double thick prime coat & broadcast chips/flakes to 100% saturation leaving the most uniform, thick and rich appearance. Unlike other companies, we utilizes Stay Clear Technology and apply TWO top protective layers.  This ensures strength, durability, richness, and performance.  The gorgeous Full Chip System is an excellent choice!    

Need it done fast? We have the solution - our Full Chip Polyaspartic System is installed in 1 to 2 days with return to service the very next day!

Please do not be fooled by unlicensed competitors offering cheap prices and promising the world. We have 24+ years of experience and over 9,000+ Happy Customers.  Gator Epoxy Solutions is here to make your garage floor installation experience nothing less then AMAZING!

Why Choose Gator Epoxy Solutions Inc.

  • We are detail oriented.  Quality workmanship shows!
  • Only high quality commercial polymer coatings are used in all of our jobs.
  • All our top protective Urethanes and Polyaspartic layers are UV stable providing 15 to 20 years of clear gloss durability.
  • Our concrete surface preparation is the best in the industry.  We also use commercial Hepa Shop Vacs to leave your home and environment dust free!
  • Residential jobs include crack, and divot repair using composite repair paste. This repair polymer paste is the absolute best in the business.
  • We screen between layers of material to promote maximum adhesion so "Hot Tire Pick Up" does not occur, Guaranteed!
  • We specialize in removing old paint & coatings off your concrete and Re-Installing a beautiful new garage floor finish. 
  • Please call for Polyaspartic Flooring Cost Quote, or any questions you may have at: 561-617-0058

Now Installing in: Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, North Miami, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and surrounding communities.  Including epoxy installs, epoxy flooring, garage floor coatings, garage epoxy coatings, gator strong coatings, epoxy removals, coating removals, garage floor epoxy, garage floor epoxy and concrete coatings. 

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