Gator Strong Floor Coating Systems

Premium Solid Color

The solid color system is a glossy, durable and enhancing surface for any garage floor. We offer many rich colors that can be installed smooth or with a non-slip additive for best overall traction and performance. The prime layer is a polyaspartic with a top protective layer of Gloss Urethane.

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Ultra Solid Color

This 2 layer system is similar to the Premium Solid Color System, but the pigment that gives the floor coating its color is in the primer layer. We then add a commercial grade urethane top coat to withstand even the toughest environments. Choose this if you want the toughest solid color system.

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2 Layer Light Sprinkle

This system is exactly the same system as the Solid Color System with the addition of a light broadcast of Color Chips that enhance the colors to match a wider spectrum of colors in the garage and/or vehicles. The color choices are infinite and a lot of fun to pick and choose your custom polyaspartic flooring options.

Partial Full Chip

This System includes a much thicker base layer of 100% resin based primer with roughly 60% to 70% coverage of chips. The entire floor is then sealed with Clear Gloss High Performance Urethane. The benefit of this system is that the chips are encapsulated or "sandwiched" in between Gator Strong Resinous Coatings.

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Full Chip

This is one of our higher quality best-selling polyaspartic flooring systems. It is a thick 5-layer system with 100% coverage of color chips. It has an acrylic binder layer with a top layer of gloss urethane. This system allows for easy clean up and has a natural texture, offering not only an amazing gloss, but also a natural non-slip traction.

Premium Full Chip

This is an upgrade from the Original Full Chip System in that the binder layer is a resin-based polyaspartic for maximum durability and longevity. This system also includes an extra step of sanding the binder layer, creating a smoother canvass before the top Urethane layer is applied. Its smoother, glossier and one of our strongest systems.

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Polyaspartic Full Chip

The purpose of our Polyaspartic Full Chip System is to provide the benefits of a full chip solution, with a fast drying option for those homes and businesses that need the flooring area to return to use as soon as possible. First, a double-thick layer of resin primer is laid down. Then, we follow that up with a full distribution of color chips. Finally, we lay down a thick layer of ultra tough polyaspartic for a fast dry and tough finish.

Pearl Metallic

This system is the essence of art on the floor. It's excellent in modern contemporary flooring design, or a home that just likes the amazing look of a metallic floor. We install the metallic layer at 100 sq. ft. per gallon, creating a rich depth and strength unmatched by our competitors. This flooring is very durable, and can last up to 20 years.

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